Quick action helps save lives during house fire

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) -  It could have been a disaster - a fire in a house filled with children.  Fortunately, a quick-thinking mother and her neighbor saved the lives of 10 children, getting them out of the burning house.  It happened on Capwood Curve, just off Virginia Loop road in Montgomery Tuesday evening.

Fire investigators believe the fire started in a bedroom and spread quickly.  Stella McKenzie, a neighbor, told WSFA12 News one of the ten children inside the home ran to her house to get help.

"And when I went to the door, I saw the little boy and he said call 911, our house is on fire," she said.

McKenzie said the flames were already spreading when she reached the house.  She helped the woman make sure all of the children made it out safely.

"After we got all the kids out, the mom was in the driveway," McKenzie said.  "She was exhausted, she was hollering.  She was screaming."

The mother was taken to the hospital as a precaution because she is pregnant and may have suffered smoke inhalation.

Firefighters said it took 20 minutes after they arrived to get the fire under control.  Investigators said the fire appears to be accidental in nature, but have not determined an exact cause.  They said it spread so quickly because of where it started.

"It was in a bedroom, a bedroom has a lot of fire load," said Captain C.W. Guthrie of the Montgomery Fire Department.  "Mattresses, stuff like that, and it moved into a living room area with a lot of coaches and stuff like that, a lot of combustible materials."

Stella McKenzie is thankful she was able to help get the children to safety.

"If you look at that house now, you have to wonder how 10 kids got out of that house so quick and fast," McKenzie said.

Neighbors said they hope to band together to help the family because they lost everything so close to Thanksgiving.

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