Cash for Kindness: Labor of Love

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WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA) - Sometimes when you need help, it's nice to know it's right next door. Two people who wanted to help their neighbors, did so without saying a word and they made a huge difference in the lives of three little girls.

They say home is where the heart is, in this doll sized home in Wetumpka, triplets are at play.    "We really like it because our granddaddy built it and our cousins and our mom and dad, Mr John and Mrs. Karen."  Caroline Key old us.

Meet, Caroline, Anne and Katherine. Their grandfather started building this playhouse after a birthday wish from his granddaughters, but  he became ill and couldn't finish it.

"The house itself was a project of love I mean our whole family pitched in but John and Karen have just been there when my dad couldn't be there and they have just been really helpful in putting the final touches on the house."  Susan Key said.

John and Karen Swanson are their neighbors and one day they just showed up to help finish what the girl's grandfather couldn't finish.  "Karen just showed up one day and said we want to finish painting and helping."  Susan said.   Her husband chimed in and told us John and Karen never asked.  "They just said this is what we want to do."

Susan and Jeff along with their girls wanted to do something for John and Karen Swanson. We gave them 120 dollars to get the ball rolling.    The Swanson's were surprised and couldn't believe what their neighbors had done.  Karen Swanson said they received a challenge at church to help someone.  "I said we're going to go help them and it's been a pleasure they're a wonderful family."   "A couple of hours here, a couple of hours there its' been a labor of love." Said John Swanson.

This labor of love comes with a thank you from three little hearts hat couldn't be happier.

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