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Shoppers turn out for Black Friday

Prattville (WSFA) -  Shoppers in Autauga and Elmore counties chose to stay a bit closer to home on Black Friday.

They came early in search of bargains and retailers were catering to the crowds offering discounts for the must haves.

"There is a bunch of things I was looking for, tvs, phones, basketball goals, and stuff for the kids," says Kristy Gilmore.

As the day rolled on the rain rolled in shoppers say the wet weather didn't slow down their spending as they descended upon Prattvilles retail centers

"Never, rain didn't stop anything," says Betty Duncan.

On this Black Friday with retailers competing against less then perfect weather and the Iron Bowl some say even that hasn't slowed down what they are calling record numbers

"Sometimes we call rain retail sunshine because if anything that helps drive a few more folks inside so it's nice to have good weather but even in rain folks will still come shop with us," says Eric Alford, General Manager of Bass Pro Shop in Prattville.

At Bass Pro Shops early estimates are over two thousand people walked through the doors before 10:00 a.m.

"I went at five this morning and did a little shopping but my wife left at midnight and she said it's just been crazy," says Joey Wurtz, a prattville resident.

And the madness isn't over yet.  Monday is cyber-monday when many retailers crank up the online deals.

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