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Residents react to Tuskegee triple homicide

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TUSKEGEE, AL (WSFA) - Details are still scarce as authorities search for answers surrounding the deaths of three Tuskegee men.

State investigators believe the killings are linked, but right now, that's about all they know.

Reminders of the shocking crime linger outside the Magnolia Pines apartment complex while Tuskegee residents like Bobby Warren wonder why anyone died at all.

"It brings tears to my eyes because they're very young," says Warren.

Tuskegee Police aren't releasing the victim's names yet, but Mayor Omar Neal tells WSFA 12 News all three men were in their twenties.

Warren worked with one of the victim's grandparents.

"When you have a loved one that you work with that's just like a brother or sister or family touches your heart," he says.

Police found two of the men shot in a vehicle just outside the apartment complex on Moton Street.  They found the other body on County Road 95 just a few miles from the complex. 

"I think that one of the reasons why we have this high crime is because unemployment," says Warren.

While Warren believes the struggling economy may be to blame, Mayor Neal is anxious to find out if drugs, and a lack of education also play a role.

"We're going to do an assessment of actually everything that's going on in our community to see how we can be very proactive in addressing this kind of issue," says Neal.

To Warren, there's only one cure.

"Love is always the answer."

He and other residents hope violence in the city is on the way out.

Mayor Neal plans to hold a meeting with city leaders on Monday to discuss how to tackle crime among the city's young adult population.

These deaths now bring the total number of homicides to 8 for Tuskegee this year.

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