City leaders, Tuskegee residents discuss recent murders

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TUSKEGEE, AL (WSFA) - At the Tuskegee Municipal Complex, city leaders, educators, and authorities delivered an update on a triple murder case to a few dozen residents.

"We have numerous leads that we're currently following," police chief Lester Patrick told the crowd.

Patrick identified the three victims as:

Kenneth Ray Williams, age 22, Tuskegee native and resident
Michun Bennie Anderson, age 26, Tuskegee resident, native of Atlanta, Georgia
Brian Mauryce Carswell, age 27, Tuskegee resident, native of Atlanta, Georgia

The police chief told residents at least two of the victims were no strangers to the law.

"One person had been arrested on several occasions.  The other--another person--had been arrested for murder," he said.

Then, residents chimed in. Taxpayers opened a dialogue with leaders to figure out how to combat crime.

"I'd like to see the city set up a citizen alert hotline," said one woman.

"What I don't us to leave here is to think that these murders, as tragic are they are, is the problem," said Mayor Omar Neal.

Community leaders say the key to preventing violence is for every resident--especially parents--to do their part, steering teens and young adults from bad situations.

While residents agree, some say a dying economy and lack of jobs certainly makes "fast money" an intriguing option.

"Bring some business to here, so they can work and keep themselves occupied," said Annie Moss of Tuskegee.

Chief Patrick says two of the victims were former students of Tuskegee University. One of them graduated.

Police say they expect to make an arrest very soon.

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