A look at Montgomery's red light cameras 3 years later

William Lloyd
William Lloyd

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - William Loyd is the first to admit he used to take the risk of running through a red light before the city installed red light cameras. Not anymore.

"I slow down now," Loyd said.

The mere presence of the cameras has apparently done far more than just change driving habits. Traffic fatalities have dropped dramatically, according to Montgomery Police.

"We were averaging two and a half traffic fatalities a month prior to the cameras. Now it's less than one a month. We're trying to change the driver's behavior," said Captain J.M. McCall.

Nearly 3 years ago city leaders contracted with the company that owns the cameras for 10 red light still cameras. There are now 13 cameras at strategic intersections with plans to add 8 more in a few months.

"We'll put them in the Southlawn area, Birmingham Highway and Ray Thorington," said Capt. McCall.

So far red light violators have paid $1.7 million in fines. The city gets $13 per ticket. American Traffic Solution which owns the cameras pockets the rest. Captain McCall says about 78% of the violators who are ticketed for running a red light do pay up.

"We hold our share of the money to be used for public safety improvements here in the city," McCall said.

3 years and counting and there are fewer traffic deaths and fewer risks taken by drivers like William Loyd.

"I think the cameras are a really good idea. I wasn't sure before but I am now," Loyd said.

Driving home the point on traffic safety.

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