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Police shooting in Elmore County

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Greg Myers is still having trouble taking it all in. It was Myers, a neighbor who called 911 after being alerted by an 11-year old member of the victim's family.

It happened in a home on Taylor Hill Drive off Highway 231 North in Elmore County.

"She had her feet bound and wrists taped," said Myers.

Once on the scene investigators realized quickly this was a hostage crisis.

"The man ended up stopping all communications with our guys," said Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin.

That man according to authorities was 25-year old Derrick Bean of Pike Road. Bean apparently became upset that his girlfriend Haley Wingard had broken off the relationship.

It went from bad to deadly over a matter of 4 hours. After negotiations failed, the county's special ops unit which consists of 13 members felt it had no choice but to go in and try to save Wingard. With Bean pointing his 12 gauge shotgun at Wingard's head, the lead officer (point man) of the special ops unit ordered Bean to show his hands, according to Sheriff Franklin.

Bean never did.

"It all happened simultaneously, and all the rounds were fired in about a second and a half," said Sheriff Franklin.

Haley Wingard was 17-years old and was set to graduate from Wetumpka High School this month.

The school district made counselors available for those who needed to talk about it.

"They had a moment of silence and they had a chance to cry and get their feelings out," said Judy Caton, Public Information Officer for the school system.

Derrick Bean was shot 6 times in the chest area. The sheriff declined to name the officer but did say he is a long time veteran and has spent most of his career with the Elmore County Sheriff's Office.

Franklin made it clear he had no problems with how the entire unit conducted itself.

"Absolutely," said Franklin.

One footnote about the department's special ops team. The unit had a record of 207 cases similar to this that ended peacefully since 1996. The 208th on Thursday night on Taylor Hill Drive did not.

"Our special ops people have helped law enforcement in several counties in the area," said Franklin.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation (ABI) has taken over the case since it involves a shooting by law enforcement, standard procedure in a situation like this.

For now Greg Myers is still wondering why and why Haley Wingard.

"She was smart and beautiful," said Myers.

Sheriff Franklin says families on both sides say Derrick Bean had battled mental issues, and was facing a misdemeanor harassment charge filed by Wingard's stepfather.

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