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Montgomery Police Department aims to reduce traffic accidents in city

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A minor two car accident on Carmichael Road was just one of four reported in Montgomery within just an 11 minute span Tuesday evening.  That statistic illustrates why Montgomery's Public Safety Director Chris Murphy wants to reduce the number of accidents in the city.

"What we want to do is hone down on the data, where the crashes are occurring, when they're occurring and what are the causes," Murphy said.

Murphy outlined a series of on-going changes at the Montgomery Police Department during a press conference Tuesday.  They included the movement of nearly 100 employees to a newly created traffic division.   Murphy said officers will also be writing more tickets - not to raise revenue, but to improve safety.

"We're going to do more tickers toward speeding, lane changes and following too closely, things that we know statistically cause the more severe crashes, the injuries and fatalities," Murphy said.

The changes to the traffic division are just one way officials are trying to hold everyone in the police department more accountable for making the streets safer.

"At every level, we are challenging supervisors to lead," Murphy said.  At the precinct and captain level, commanders are being challenged to offer data driven enforcement.  We want them to know when where and how crime is occurring, crashes are happening and cases are going unsolved.

Other changes include creating a new criminal investigation division and having Crime Reduction Team members wear more traditional uniforms instead of casual clothing.  And on the next two Fridays, every available officer and every patrol unit will be out on the streets.  Officers will be going into businesses and neighborhoods building relationships.

Murphy said it will take a few months before officials can fully determine whether the changes made a difference.


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