Selma Officer arrested for possessing stolen weapon

Posted by Samuel King - bio | email

SELMA, AL (WSFA) - A Selma police officer faces charges after police discovered he had a stolen rifle in his possession.  WSFA 12 News has learned this officer was already on administrative leave before the arrest.

Officer Robert Johnson was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon and charged with receiving stolen property.  Chief William Riley told WSFA 12 News investigators discovered the stolen weapon while they were in the process of investigating an unrelated violation of department rules.

While police were searching Johnson's patrol car, they discovered a Remington rifle that is not a part of the standard list of weapons issued to Selma police. They later determined the weapon was stolen, but it is unclear whether Johnson knew the weapon was stolen or why it was in his patrol car.

"Based on the limited information he did provide, as a police officer, any item that we find given to us that we locate it's proper procedure that it be turned into evidence, tagged and for us to look back to see who the item actually belongs to," Riley said.

Johnson had been on the force since 2006. Chief Riley told WSFA 12 News Johnson had not faced any sort of internal discipline before this year.  Riley would not reveal why Johnson was placed on administrative leave in the first place.   He remains on leave pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.

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