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One-time social security payment denied

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Sarah Brewer often goes to the Montgomery Area Council on Aging for her yoga class and tap dancing lessons but with Brewer there's no tap dancing around the latest news on Social Security.

"I fear this will be tough on a lot of people," said Brewer.

Congress rejected a Democratic-sponsored bill to pay social security recipients a one-time payment of $250.00. The money was intended to make up for the lack of a cost-of-living raise next year. Brewer says she'll be okay but worries about some of her friends.

"A lot of these people could use that money to help pay a light bill or other necessities they need," said Brewer.

Republicans argued the country simply couldn't afford the $14 billion price tag of the one-time payment. Democrats on the other hand believed the payment was needed to help off-set the hardships many may face without a raise.

Mary Saxon retired 25 years ago. Saxon volunteers at the Montgomery Area Council on Aging.

"I was a little surprised they did this. I'll be okay but I know a few others might struggle," said Saxon.

Records show the last raise was nearly two years ago at 5.8%.  The hike was the largest cost-of-living raise in 25 years at the time.

More than 58 million retirees, disabled people and surviving family members receive checks.

No raise next year which means some belt-tightening is ahead, especially when you consider Social Security is the sole income for more than 20% of retirees.

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