At 5:00 & 6:00 - When will this rain go away? - Montgomery Alabama news.

At 5:00 & 6:00 - When will this rain go away?



February 4, 2011


What a rainy Friday!

The wet weather postponed a number of events today in Alabama. We'll run down the list today at 5:00. And Rich will let us know if we'll be able to salvage our weekend.

Also at 5:00 -- New information on the turmoil in Egypt. Find out how students at Auburn-Montgomery are using the events as part of their studies of the middle eastern country.

Speaking of AUM, the university broke ground today on a multi-million dollar wellness center -- one of the largest additions to the campus in years. We'll show what the new building will look like at 5:00.

Then at 6:00 -- Controversy surrounding one of Alabama's new republican senators. Bryan Taylor, the man responsible for writing many of the recently passed ethics bills, is being questioned about his law firm, which has been hired by the state.

You've also got to see tonight's County Road 12 report. It airs at 6:00.

See you then!

Mark Bullock
WSFA 12 News

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