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Baby It's Cold Outside!

December 13, 2010



Hey all,

Coming up tonight at 5&6:

It wasn't quiet a winter wonderland but parts of Alabama did see snow flurries.  Tonight starting at five we'll show you where they fell.

 If you think it's cold now hold on to your socks! except the temperature to drop into the teens tonight! Chief Meteorologist Rich Thomas will have the details.

If you've got a package you need to send  you'd better send it soon. This is being called the busiest shipping day of the year.  Tonight, we'll tell you the consequences of sending those packages late.

Plus, A Federal Judge in Virginia has declared the Health Care law unconstitutional.  Alabama is one of several state's that filed a similar suit against the bill claiming it's unconstitutional because it forces people to purchase health insurance.

Join us for these stories plus your Doppler 12 Stormvision Forecast tonight @ 5&6 on WSFA 12 News.  

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