Joy to Life looking to lure Ellen with pink trash cans

MONTGOMERY, AL - The first shipment of the Joy to Life Foundation's 96-gallon pink trash cans are arriving soon and the Foundation is using their arrival to send a message to comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

"The message is that we want her (Ellen) and her mother Betty to join us for our tenth annual Walk of Life event in April," says Joy to Life founder Joy Blondheim. "Ellen's mother is a breast cancer survivor, so we're going to put together a video using our new pink trash cans to invite them to come to Montgomery. I think we'll have a good chance of getting her attention. After all, how often do you see two hundred pink trash cans in the same place?"

The cans bear the Foundation's logo along with the phrase "Trash breast cancer. Together we can" and come in the unmistakable shade of pink that is the Foundation's signature color.

The video shoot and pink can distribution took place Saturday, December 11 at the Foundation's warehouse space located behind the Burlington Coat Factory.

"The cans are also a wonderful way to promote breast cancer awareness," Blondheim notes. The cans are currently only available for service within the city limits of Montgomery and for those using the City's sanitation services.

"The City of Montgomery has really helped us tremendously with this project", says Blondheim. "We're in the process of contacting other communities to see if we can eventually take this program state-wide."

More information about the Joy to Life pink trash cans and the Foundation's effort to bring Ellen DeGeneres and her mother to Montgomery can be found at, by calling (334)-284-LIFE (5433).

You can watch the Ellen Show each weekday at 1:30pm on WSFA 12 News.