Editorial: Viewer Feedback

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our editorial "Pensions Paying Foolishness" taking issue with sending pension checks to public employees who abused the public trust and were serving jail time for it elicited this email: "I would suggest you not only stop paying them but take every cent that was paid to them while they sat in jail."

Our guest editorial on the 55th anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott brought this response: "Racism is being kept alive in a Montgomery district by oppression, not by others, but themselves. Youth settling disagreements with extreme violence against each other.  In my school years, we'd get in an argument, take it outside, maybe throw a punch or two, realize it hurt, consider the other's view and more than likely become friends for a lifetime.  Using a weapon to settle an argument, you lose that option.  To continue what Mrs. Parks and others started, to continue the dream of Dr. King, these neighbors have to say, "Enough is Enough," stop killing each other, vote out those keeping these neighborhoods in "racism" mode, and move forward.  Realize their personal worth, not only to self but to the community."

And in response to our "Core Standards" editorial, one viewer emailed: "No amount of standards will ever replace the love and security a child needs from their parents.  When a child has that foundation, that child will have confidence.  That child will be free from fear of what might happen and be able to focus on the better things in life such as learning, competing and succeeding."

We appreciate all of your feedback.