Bitter cold good for business

Posted by Cody Holyoke - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As the freeze continues, residents in the River Region are starting to bundle up, and that's not so bad for retailers in the area.

Stores like Target saw a surge in cold customers going for gloves.  I hours, many of the displays were empty.

"People are coming in, looking for gloves, looking for scarves, looking for coats, and it's just a matter of us keeping up with keeping stuff full," said department head Andrew Petersen.

Restaurants are also trying to keep up with demand.  At Jason's Deli, workers are scrambling to supply hot soup to their guests.

"It jumped up through the roof. I'm literally ordering twice as much as we were three or four weeks ago," explained general manager Jason Snyder.

Other residents are a bit on the stubborn side when it comes to the bone-chilling cold. They're not going to let some subfreezing temperatures get them down.

"My husband-- it was too cold for him to work today, so he decided to go to the cigar shop on Chantilly while I take the kids and finish Christmas shopping," said Stephanie Whisnand of Wetumpka.

With the proper precautions, shoppers are out and about, experiencing what Montgomery has to offer as a Capital City-turned-chill chest.

"It's not stopping us," said Angela Drake of Montgomery.

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