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July 19, 7:30 p.m.

Former Coaches Support Taxes

Former Alabama Coach Gene Stallings Former Alabama Coach Gene Stallings
Former Auburn Coach Pat Dye Former Auburn Coach Pat Dye

There are very few things in Alabama that will bring Auburn and Alabama fans together other than football. One of them may be Governor Bob Riley's proposed tax package.

Former coaches Pat Dye and Gene Stallings joined the governor Saturday to promote the billion dollar proposal. Before a packed house of athletic directors and coaches at the Montgomery Civic Center, Stallings and Dye threw their support behind it. 

Later, it was the govenror's turn. He says his fundamental philosophy is simple--if we demand the same level of excellence from our edcuation system as we do of our sports programs, the state will be fine. And he says his tax package is the way to do that.

"When you talk about raising taxes just a little bit over a five year period, for what the benefits are, to me, it's no contest," said Stallings.

"This is as bipartisan as we can make it and if there has ever been a time for Alabamians to not worry about partisan politics, this is it," Riley said. "You need to study the plan and then stand up and do what's right for Alabama."

The public will vote on the tax package September 9th. WSFA has put together the special section below for you to read more about it.

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