Supreme Court Rules on Double Dipping Ban

The following is a news release from the Governor's Press Office.

MONTGOMERY – The Alabama Supreme Court issued an order Friday denying the Alabama Education Association’s request for a rehearing in the two-year college double dipping ban case.


In October, Alabama’s highest court upheld the state school board’s ban on double dipping at two-year colleges, meaning lawmakers will no longer be allowed to hold second and third taxpayer-funded jobs in the two-year college system.


The losing side in the case, the AEA and double dipping legislators, requested a rehearing of that case, which was decided 8-0 by the court.  On Friday, the Supreme Court said no to that request for a rehearing, also on an 8-0 decision.


“This means the court’s decision, and this victory against double dipping, is now final,” said Governor Bob Riley, who serves as president of the state school board.

The Governor has consistently pushed for a ban on double dipping to include not just two-year colleges, but also state agencies, K-12 and four-year colleges and universities.  One of the seven reform bills passed by the Legislature during the special session that ended earlier this week writes such a ban into law.


“The ban on double dipping, both at the state school board and in the Legislature, received bipartisan support.  It’s obviously outstanding to have the Supreme Court uphold the board’s ban on double dipping and a total ban on double dipping approved by the Legislature.  But we must never forget the abuses and the corruption that resulted from double dipping.  We must never forget so we never let it happen again,” said Governor Riley