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Alabama's Unemployment Rate Up Slightly

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - For the first time since January 2010, Alabama's unemployment rate went up.

For the month of November, 9% of Alabamians are without jobs. That's roughly 192,000 people. October saw an 8.9% rate of unemployment, around 189,000.

"This is certainly not a trend. This is something we kind of expected" said Tom Surtees, Director of the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, the agency that tracks jobless data.

"This is a very small increase" Surtees said. "As we come out of a recession we're going to see some fluctuations, whether it's a tenth of a point up or a tenth of a point down."

Surtees also said this month's rate shows that any of the additional hiring that retailers made in preparation for the holiday shopping rush didn't have a large effect. The reason for that is many of the people who got those jobs obtained it as a second or only temporary position.

The new tax cut signed into law by President Obama that includes an extension of unemployment benefits has an impact in Alabama as well.

"Those receiving unemployment assistance should be able to expect those extra payments some time next week," Surtees said.

The last time Alabama's jobless rate went up was back in January when it hovered around 11%.

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