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$1500 cash prize for new ALFA Insurance teen video contest

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If your child knows how to make a video--one like you might find on YouTube, they might be able to make some money doing it.

ALFA Insurance and state educators are launching a student video contest aimed at encouraging teen drivers to put down the phone if they're behind the wheel.

Through research, ALFA directors found texting and driving was one of the main concerns of their policy holders. That's why they're using kids to help get the word out to their peers to put the brakes on this dangerous habit.

ALFA, along with state school superintendent Dr. Joseph Morton and the Alabama Independent School Association Director Don Oswald teaming together to launch an online video contest.

Students in grades 9-12 will get a chance through a one minute video to help educate others about the dangers of distracted driving.

The first place winner could receive $1500 cash and an iPad.

Students say regardless of the prize money, it's important to get the message out.

"When you're doing the research to create a video, seeing the statistics and seeing the numbers of people that have been affected by texting and driving, I think that will be something that tugs at the hearts and the minds of the students that are planning to involved in the program," says 18-year old Katie Wendland.

There are first, second and third place prizes, and whatever cash prize the student takes home, their school also gets the same amount.

For contest rules visit: www.alfadrivesmart.com.

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