ASU Reveals Internal Investigation

Alabama State's internal investigation has revealed an "almost totally out of control" football program that used ineligible players, changed athletes' grades and entertained recruits with strippers.

That's according to athletic director Richard Cosby, who says the university submitted its findings to the N-C-Double-A and Southwestern Athletic Conference today

(Tuesday). He declined to reveal the specifics of the report but indicated Alabama State will have to forfeit "a substantial number of games" and faces penalties and stiff fines.

Cosby would NOT comment on whether action could be taken against head coach L-C- Cole. Cole -- who found out about the findings yesterday

(Monday) -- denied involvement in wrongdoing. He says he doesn't expect to lose his job. His attorney, Julian McPhillips, called the proceedings a "witch hunt."

The probe began seven months ago, after former assistant coach Dedrick Bell sent university officials a letter containing numerous alleged N-C-Double-A rules violations including recruiting violations, misusing funds and playing ineligible players.