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Restaurant owners work to clear fire damage

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A fire in downtown Montgomery Monday morning heavily damaged Noble's Restaurant in on Montgomery Street.  The smoke from the fire is forcing one business to close for almost two weeks.  While no flames got into the nearby Cool Beans Cafe, smoke did.

"The invisible damage, smoke gets into things, it smells bad," said Shari Rossmann, owner of the café.    "The soot is there.  It's kind of a gritty, grimy greasy kind of a soot.  You just can't wipe it off, because you'll smudge it in, it has to be dealt with by people who know what they're doing."

So Rossmann said her insurance company advised her to close the café until the damage can be repaired.  She said it will not reopen until January 3rd

"It hurts, this week especially is a big week for us, we have Christmas parties in here.  A lot of people come in, they have more leisurely time at their offices, so they like to come in and have a nice lunch, so that's going to hurt us."

Over at Noble's, there's a more ambitious timetable.   The dining room side will open Tuesday.  And the Olive Room next door will also reopen soon.

"Things happen all the time, and we have insurance, we have friends," said Ken Register, the owner of the building.  "We're already in the process of getting stuff done."

The restaurants have played a key part of Downtown Montgomery's renaissance and for that reason the owners say it's important they reopen.

"We're kind of the seeds for downtown, if you build it they will come and others have and more will come," Rossmann said.

"This is a bump in the road for us, we may be little guys, but we do big things," Register said. 

While the restaurant at Noble's is expected to reopen, the damage at the lounge will take longer to repair.  The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 


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