Injured teen in church van accident home after hospitalization

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - With his studying music in the background and mounds of make-up schoolwork, Conor Kirke is thankful for the chance to get back in the routine.

"I'm lucky to be alive. I've heard some pretty in depth details about the crash."

You can still see scars on his hand--the remnants of a horrific accident he doesn't even remember.

But his parents, David and Mindy Kirke, will never forget the moment they got the news.

"All we knew was he'd been thrown from the van, and the van had landed on top of him. At least, me in my perspective coming to the hospital, I didn't even know he was going to be alive.  It was just so bad," says David Kirke.

Conor's brain was injured in the crash.

For three months he was in and out of hospitals in Montgomery and Atlanta--literally learning how to walk and eat again.

"He couldn't even stand up. When you picked him up, if you let him go...he'd just fall over," adds David Kirke.

Now, life is almost back to normal.

"I still have some problems with speed and balance.  It took me a while to walk," says Conor.

But, the family always knew he would be ok.

"I trusted in God. I just knew he would take me through this easily," adds Conor.

"God was protecting him," says David.

Kirke will tell you, the recovery process wasn't that bad. There's one thing he wants his friends to know.

"You can have fun in a hospital. They have pool tables, ping pong, air hockey, it was fun."

Kirke hasn't gone back to school full time yet. He's currently working with a teacher a few hours a week to get caught up and plans to head back after the Christmas holidays.

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