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Lucky Auburn woman wins $5,000

Brittany Welch of Auburn cracked open the safe with $5,000 inside. Brittany Welch of Auburn cracked open the safe with $5,000 inside.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - At the 3rd annual Crack the Safe Party  a lucky Auburn woman had the right code to win $5,000 cash.

The registration period for Crack the Safe was five weeks. Participants either went to a remote Guardian Credit Union, or called during the morning and afternoon drive on WBAM 98.9. 60 fortunate people were chosen to participate.

Wednesday afternoon the participants took part in the event. The numbers for the code were pre-printed and they were first come first serve, but it was lucky Brittany Welch who picked the winning numbers.

Crack the safe took about 40 minutes to find their winner.

Welch actually came with a charitable heart to the event. She adopts families every Christmas to help them through the holidays, and said with the money she can get more for the families. But also with the remains, her and her husband are going to enjoy a ski trip.

John Garret was live on the air from the Guardian Credit Union on Madison Avenue during the event.

CJ Engle, promotions director for Blue Water Broadcasting said she has loved putting on Crack the Safe for the past three years.

"It's priceless to be able to offer someone this opportunity," Engle said.

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