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Collector has thousands of Santas

By Margo Gray – bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Santa Claus!

One valley woman doesn't need to visit the north pole to know he exists.

She sees him year round, right at home.

Anita Jones has thousands of Santa's, so she celebrates Christmas year round and puts a lot of people's decorations to shame.

Protected behind glass in her Huntsville home, you'll find many different versions of Santa Claus from Saint Nick to Kris Kringle.

"The first one I got was this little bell in 1955 from my mother's very dear friend in Coco, Florida."

That one gift turned into a slight obsession.  Now she collects rare and unique Santa memorabilia.

You can find Santa all over her home, but the best kept secret is upstairs, where she gutted a room to store her entire stock pile of Santas.  In total, she owns roughly 3500.

"I've got the brightest lights I could find so everybody could see all these boys."

Some as small as a black eyed pea to life size. Some fly, some pose on bikes, she even has Santa on toilet paper.

Some date back to the 1930s and come as far away as Norway.

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