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Local school board member passes away

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Former Montgomery County School Board member Tommie Miller passed away from a stroke Saturday at a local hospital.

Miller served as the District 3 representative from 2000-2006, including serving two terms as its president.

Superintendent Barbara Thompson believes without Miller's dedications and visions all the important initiatives for the district would still just be ideas.

"Mr. Miller was a driving force behind much of the positive movement for education in Montgomery County in the past few years," Thompson said. "He was an advocate for public education in our county. Our thoughts and our prayers are with his family and friends. His voice for children will be missed."

Members who served on the board with Miller explained his commitment to not only talk about the community working together, but that he lived it.

"Tommie Miller had the rare ability to see the big picture and not lose the details," said Beverly Ross, who served on the board with Milled. "He never stopped working for education. He cared about Montgomery and its Children. We will miss his passion and his spirit."

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