Editorial: Extra Special Session

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - State government will now be much more transparent thanks to the work of The Alabama Legislature.

Legislators deserve accolades for accomplishing more this week to enhance the perception of Alabama as a place where corruption won't rule than has been accomplished in decades.

It is the ultimate Christmas and Hanukah gift to Alabamians.

Unlimited gift giving by lobbyists is history.  Legislators will no longer be able to hold another state job, ending the double dipping of taxpayer dollars.

Pass-through pork spending is banned.  So is transferring money between political action committees.  We will know who is funding the ads you see.

The Alabama Ethics Commission now has subpoena power.  Until now, Alabama has been the only state in the nation that didn't grant authority to its ethics panel to subpoena people and documents to probe misdeeds.

The coming months will bring more drama as some legislators accused of wrongdoing battle those charges and they will likely not be the last legislators ever charged with violating the law.

But Montgomery, Alabama should no longer be considered a corrupt capital city.

It will be a very good New Year!

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