Would You Vote For or Against the Proposed Referendum?


As you know, the state is holding a referendum on Governor Riley's plan for taxes, schools and government. That proposal increases the state income tax exemption from $4,600 to about $20,000, raises income tax rates on families earning more than $150,000, raises cigarette taxes by 14.5 cents per pack, raises property taxes, and provides college scholarships to Alabama students who have a "B" average and score 20 on the ACT.

If that referendum were held today, would you vote...

Answer Percentage
YES, for the tax and accountability package 39%
NO, against the tax and accountability package 49%
Undecided  12%
Comment:  * Turnout currently has no impact on the results. A projected low-turnout result (i.e., only those who definitely plan to vote) is similar to the above ballot (39% for, 50% against).
Sample Size: 500
Margin of Error + 4.4 percentage points