How do you Rate the Following Individuals?

Governor Bob Riley
Very Favorable 22%
Favorable 39%
Unfavorable 14%
Very Unfavorable 17%
Can't Rate 6%
Don't Recognize 1%
Comment: The voters may oppose his plan, but many still like the governor. He receives a 61% approval rating, while 31% give him a negative rating. He does better among supporters of the package (86% positive, 11% negative) and among undecided voters (67% positive, 20% negative) than among opponents to the plan (40% positive, 52% negative).

Former Governor Don Siegelman


Very Favorable 16%
Favorable 30%
Unfavorable 20%
Very Unfavorable 30%
Can't Rate  3%
Don't Recognize  0%
Comment: Former Governor Siegelman still has relatively high negative ratings 46% positive, 50% negative.

Attorney General Bill Pryor


Very Favorable 25%
Favorable 29%
Unfavorable 11%
Very Unfavorable  6%
Can't Rate 22%
Don't Recognize  7%
 Comment: Attorney General Bill Pryor is not as well recognized by the voters as is the governor, but he is still fairly well liked (54% positive, 17% negative). He has the best positive-to-negative ratio (over 3-to-1) of anyone tested in this survey.

Alabama Education Association Leader Paul Hubbert


Very Favorable 13%
Favorable 24%
Unfavorable 11%
Very Unfavorable 22%
Can't Rate 17%
Don't Recognize 13%
Comment: AEA leader Paul Hubbert draws mixed reactions from the voters (37% positive, 33% negative). Further, the negative ratings are rather intense (22% very unfavorable - twice as many as those who are just unfavorable .
Sample Size: 500
Margin of Error + 4.4 percentage points