Reduce State Income Tax for Some


I'd like to read a list of specific points about this proposal. As I read each one, just tell me if that item makes you more or less likely to vote "yes" on the proposal.

Reduces state income tax payments for people with lower and moderate incomes but raises them on wealthier people and many companies.

Much More Likely 36%
Somewhat More Likely 28%
Somewhat Less Likely 11%
Much Less Likely  20%
No Difference    2%
Unsure    3%
Comment: A majority (64%) like this aspect of the plan. It's also popular among undecided voters (71% positive, 18% negative).  Positive responses to this aspect of the plan are consistent across all income levels: lower (67% positive, 30% negative), middle (67% positive, 25% negative) and upper (66% positive, 31% negative). 
Sample Size: 500
Margin of Error + 4.4 percentage points