Ban Pass Through Pork


I'd like to read a list of specific points about this proposal. As I read each one, just tell me if that item makes you more or less likely to vote "yes" on the proposal.
Bans pass-through pork money that lawmakers put in state budgets without listing how much it is or what it will be used for, and then spend it later for special projects in their districts.
Much More Likely 29%
Somewhat More Likely 14%
Somewhat Less Likely 13%
Much Less Likely  39%
No Difference    1%
Unsure    4%
Comment: What is viewed as a positive aspect of the program is not getting good marks from the voters (52% negative) B particularly undecided voters (33% positive, 59% negative). Perhaps they don' t understand this aspect of the program yet.
Sample Size: 500
Margin of Error + 4.4 percentage points