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Increase Homestead Exemption


I'd like to read a list of specific points about this proposal. As I read each one, just tell me if that item makes you more or less likely to vote "yes" on the proposal.

Increases the homestead exemption on property taxes from $40,000 to $50,000.

Much More Likely 26%
Somewhat More Likely 26%
Somewhat Less Likely 15%
Much Less Likely  22%
No Difference   51%
Unsure    7%

Comment: Another positive aspect of the plan (52% positive), but there = s not enough intensity on it to make it a major vote-moving issue for the Governor. Still, it does okay among undecided voters (51% positive, 33% negative).  Partisan difference: This item is more popular among Republicans (58% positive, 30% negative) than Democrats (29% positive, 60% negative).

Sample Size: 500
Margin of Error + 4.4 percentage points

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