Impose State and Local Taxes on Labor Costs


I'd like to read a list of specific points about this proposal. As I read each one, just tell me if that item makes you more or less likely to vote "yes" on the proposal.
Imposes state and local sales taxes on labor costs for many repairs and installations, such as replacing a car's radiator or installing a refrigerator in a home.
Much More Likely   5%
Somewhat More Likely 10%
Somewhat Less Likely 26%
Much Less Likely  52%
No Difference    2%
Unsure    5%
Comment: Consultants call this type of issue a silver bullet, i.e., a single message that has the potential to defeat the other side. Positive responses are low (15%), while negative responses are high (78%). Furthermore, this opposition is intense, with a majority (52%) expressing strong negative attitudes. It also triggers strong negative responses from undecided voters (13% positive, 69% negative).
Sample Size: 500
Margin of Error + 4.4 percentage points