Ron Sparks looks to the future

Ron Sparks
Ron Sparks

Posted by: Max Reiss

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Outgoing Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks said he has been busy getting incoming Commissioner John McMillan up to speed on his new job.

"Make sure that he knows everything that I know when I leave" Sparks said. "I mean I want him to understand that it's an important department and I want him to have everything that I could possibly give him because the people of Alabama deserve it."

Sparks ran for the governor's office as the Democratic nominee but lost to Republican Robert Bentley. He had previously served two terms running the Alabama Department of Agriculture.

He was first elected in November 2002 and was reelected in November 2005.

Sparks said his best accomplishment while in office was helping to make the food on every Alabamian's dinner table is more safe to eat.

"The food you eat today is much safer than it was eight years ago. Child nutrition is better today than it was eight years ago" Sparks said.

Also on his pride points list was his department's work to ensure that farmers have more safeguards built in from the law.

"Farmers can go to the farms without frivolous lawsuits today like they couldn't eight years ago."

Sparks said for the future, the department needs to keep working on the Garrett Coliseum project.

"That's very important. No doubt" Sparks said.

Several farming companies have offered him jobs when he enters private life in a few weeks but Sparks said he hasn't made any decisions. Sparks said he is really looking forward to spending more time with his grandchildren as well.

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