Cash for Kindness: Cashier Retires

We kick off Cash for Kindness this new year with one of our neighbors on south court street. She's retiring and that means less income and that's where we come in.

When you pass through Ms. Dottie's line at the Cloverland AG on south court street you can expect a smile and quality service.  It's what her managers like James Pickett depend on.   "Normally she's our morning cashier and when it time for her to report to work she;she's always 30 minutes early and I appreciate that"

But, after more than 30 dedicated years of service Ms. Dottie is closing her line to retire.  She has arthritis hands so her checkout fingers aren't what they use to be.  So, before she goes we wanted to help her managers recognize all of her good works.  Her CO Manager James Pickett wanted to pass along 120 dollars, cash for Ms. Dottie's Kindness.  We caught up with her just in time she was checking out her last customer. "I just enjoyed it  the people I worked for, I just enjoyed my 33 years."

Just before her Mr. Pickett counted out the money she told us, now that she's no longer working the money will help pay a bill.  She says she thankful for her time at the Cloverland AG and happy to know people care about her.