Editorial: Viewer Feedback

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our editorial suggesting ways to deal with the unfunded liability for state employee pensions and health care didn't sit well with state workers.

One emailed "I find your comments appalling.  I am in middle management and find it quite hard to keep up with the growing health care cost.  I can only feel for the lower level state employees with children.  I don't know how they keep up."

Another viewer emailed: "State workers already share the burden.  Not having a raise in years is a huge burden for the workers!  Good grief what else do you want them to give?"

Regarding our "Conference Alignment" editorial, a viewer emailed " I also think Troy football would do well in Conference USA but you can't miss the forest from the trees.  While Troy's football facilities are on the level of a major conference, other men's sports such as basketball and baseball are still not on a BCS conference level.  Many of the other sports programs other than football and baseball Troy are not even competitive in conference.  I think Troy University  should upgrade their athletic facilities while working to be competitive in all major men's sports before making a move to a major conference."

We appreciate and encourage your feedback!

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