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Tallassee passes additional sales taxes for city and schools

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TALLASSEE, AL (WSFA) - "All the school teachers are having the same sort of difficulties," says Don Bryant.

He's a science teacher at Tallassee High School and says the schools have suffered financially over the last couple of years.

But thanks to a newly passed one cent sales tax, that could soon change.

"We can go ahead and expand the materials we've been needing.  We can add things we haven't been able to offer," says Bryant.

The Tallassee city council voted to keep a current one cent sales tax set to expire this spring.

Originally, the money collected from it was split unequally between the city and the school system. The council also voted to add another one cent sales tax.  The city will keep the revenue from the existing tax, and the school system gets revenue from the new one.

"Now the city can fulfill their needs and the school system can fulfill their needs," says Tallassee Mayor, George McCain.

"We're going to give teachers classroom supply money which they haven't had for the last couple of years. We're going to try to maintain our teacher load," says Tallassee City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Jim Jeffers.

Dr. Jim Jeffers is the superintendent of Tallassee City Schools and says the tax increase helps replace money proration took away.

And now the city can focus on replacing a 70 year old sewer system.

"It's falling apart," says McCain.

Believe it or not, some parents and patrons of Tallassee businesses aren't upset with the new 9% sales tax rate.

"I think it's good for all of us, and we all got kids going to the school," says parent Herman McKenzie.

"Tallassee is a community where everybody comes together for the benefit of the students and we just want what's best for our students. And if we have to pay a little bit more for it, then oh well," says Felicia Jackson.

McCain says during public forums they had very little negative response to the tax increase.

The increase allows the city council money to pay for a new bond issue they'll use to fix the sewer system.

The tax increase goes into effect March 1st.

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