Veteran cashier makes a difference

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Her name is Dorothy Plyer, lovingly known as Miss Dottie at the Cloverland Associated Grocers in south Montgomery.

As Miss Dottie checks out her customers, she is in fact checking out for the last time as a cashier.

"I think it's time to go," said Miss Dottie.

Time to retire after nearly 33 years at the grocery store. Customers will tell you right away Miss Dottie never saw them as just a number or another face coming in to buy groceries but someone who cared.

"She greets with you a smile. You see a lot of people talking on the cell phone but she just does her job," said long time customer James Walker.

Miss Dottie hates the thought of leaving but says she can no longer do the work.

"I can't pick up stuff anymore because of my arthritis in my wrist," she said.

By her own admission Plyer is shy, never one to talk about herself which explains why the people we talked with on this day had no clue she was leaving.

One man expressed shock.

"You didn't say anything!" he said to Miss Dottie who returned a smile.

A simple woman who often offered down home advice to those coming through.

"The only thing I know to do and say is tell them to do the best you can and go on with your life," said Miss Dottie.

Co-worker Don Stanley says the store won't be the same without Miss Dottie. Stanley says she most definitely made a difference in his life by her simplicity and warmth.

"I lost my brother in April and she was there for me. That meant a great deal to me," Stanley said.

On Miss Dottie's last day on the job, the store gave her a warm send off along with a sack full of best wishes.

At 76 Miss Dottie plans to spend a lot of time resting at her Clanton home.

"I just hate to leave. I hate to leave," she said through tears.

A small woman who made a big difference in the check-out line.

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