MPS plans to rezone entire school system

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery public school board members think rezoning the entire system is the key to getting kids in schools closer to home.

"Certainly cleaning up the zoning lines, making it so students go to school with their neighbors and with the people they live nearby and not pass by another school to get to the school they go to," says Charlotte Meadows, board chairperson.

The re-zoning map is part of a three-phase plan for the school system's growth over the next 10 years.

Closing some schools is included in the first step.

Hayneville Road Elementary, Harrison Elementary, Head Elementary, Seth Johnson Elementary and MacMillan Elementary Magnet could close.

McIntyre and Houston Hill Middle, and Floyd middle magnet could close, too.

Floyd Magnet would move into the old Seth Johnson building and MacMillan Magnet to Houston Hill.

"This looks to me to be a fairly good plan," says Meadows.

But the suggestions are still just that. Board members want residents to weigh in before anything is set in stone.

"I'm not satisfied at all. I think they need to rethink it, look at it again," says Charles Thomas who has grandchildren in the public school system.

"There's still a whole lot of work to do. We got to settle on what priority one is. It's one thing to one side of town and one thing to another side of town," adds Willie Welch, another resident with grandchildren in the school system.

The re-zoning plan would allow for almost every elementary child to only be 2 1/2 miles from their school.

To help alleviate long travel times for high schoolers, the second phase of the plan calls for a new Eastside High.

You have a chance to voice your opinions on the re-zoning changes. There are three public hearings scheduled:

January 18th at Carver High School.

January 20th at Carr Middle.

January 24th at King Elementary.

Each one starts at 5:00pm.

To look at the rezoning lines and recommendations made to the school board visit:

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