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Auburn fans flying to Glendale prepare for icy weather

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - For now, it's all clear.  Auburn fans are making their way to Glendale by way of Montgomery Regional Airport.

"I think we're just so overwhelmed we don't know what to do. We didn't think we'd be doing this," says one Auburn fan.

"We're excited to go out to Arizona and have a lot of fun and pull the Tigers onto a victory," says fan, Troy Amster.

But Lynn Cox knows the potential for icy weather could throw a wrench in some fans' travel plans.  Luckily. she thinks most passengers should be ok.

"This weather event is supposed to start Sunday evening. So, most of all of our flights will be out. The latest will be 5:00 Sunday afternoon, so they're going to be gone."

But Monday morning flights could be a different story if ice is a factor.

"Check with your airline.  Go to their website to check the status of your flight," adds Cox.

"We modified our schedule last night when we heard about the weather coming in Monday," says Robert Moore.

He and his wife, Beth aren't taking any chances.

"If we get stranded, we don't want our tickets to be worthless," adds Beth Moore.

Cox says there are a few charter flights going out on Monday morning that shouldn't be affected by the possible winter weather.

Saturday is expected to be the busiest day for the airport.  An Auburn pep rally is planned for the morning.

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