ALDOT calling center buzzing

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - When the winter storm was predicted to hit for Sunday, the Alabama Department of Transportation was ready.

"We had our volunteers ready Saturday," said Joe McInnes, the director of ALDOT. "We knew there was going to be a severe weather incident and we were prepared."

ALDOT's Emergency Call Center is fully equipped to keep motorists informed of what's happening on Alabama's roads and bridges.

"This call center has in the past only been used for hurricane situations and this is the first time we've used it for a winter storm scenario" McInnes said.

At its peak, ALDOT has around 50 to 60 people working around the clock to stay in touch with not only motorists, but also ALDOT staff all over the state.

In the call center, there are around ten operators taking calls, letting people know which roads are impassable and which are clear.

Said McInnes, "They're all ALDOT full-time employees, but they also volunteered for this months in advance and are trained. We have a very experienced team."

The call center opened at 5PM Sunday and opened its phone lines immediately. By midday Monday the center had received more than 15,000 phone calls.

"None if not very few of those callers were put on hold or didn't get through. We've done a great job handling the volume" McInnes said.

ALDOT's call center will be open so long as there is still a potentially dangerous threat on Alabama's roads.