Guest Editorial: Capital of Dreams

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Recently, we decided the City of Montgomery needed a brand that would carry us into the next 30 years - locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  That led to the development of what we call the Dreams Campaign.

The anchor of this campaign is our new city moniker or positioning statement: The Capital of Dreams. A TV spot, also billboards, radio spots and print ads have been produced to help spread the message that we are indeed the Capital of Dreams.

As with any product or brand, you begin planting the seed with those closest to the brand. We are airing the commercials to celebrate the idea that dreams do come true in Montgomery.

Montgomery IS the Capital of Dreams. All the way from the foundation of Martin Luther King's dreams… to the dream for our downtown revitalization… to the Hyundai dream. But in order for our city to truly excel, our residents have to believe that Montgomery is truly a great place, a place where dreams really do come true.

We can't accomplish this with just a TV commercial or signs or billboards. But it's a great start! We have BIG dreams for Montgomery, and we are committed to doing what it takes for those dreams to come true. I know each of you have dreams of your own. Dreams for your family, dreams for your career, dreams for your business to succeed. And hopefully, dreams for our City. Let's join together and make all of our dreams come true.

Remember: Montgomery. The Capital of Dreams. And may I add a City for Success.

Mayor Todd Strange

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