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Auburn fans welcome Tigers to Montgomery after championship

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Out of Arizona and into the airport, the Auburn Tigers were in Montgomery just long enough to see hundreds of screaming fans wave them on to the plains.

But of course the one thing on everybody's mind?  Auburn's big win, and the reason so many are celebrating.

"We've got to welcome them back and thank them for winning the national championship, the first time in my life.  I just love the Auburn Tigers," says Donna Dawson.

"Absolutely wonderful...a dream come true. And we had no idea we'd get to see them when we got back to Montgomery," adds Renee Parker.

Fans will tell you, it was cold waiting for the team to roll out. But the chilly breeze was no match for fans anxious to show their support.

"Dedicated family...all family all in," says Dawson.

A few minutes inside the terminal didn't hurt either.

"It's cold outside, but I think it's really awesome how everybody's out here...maybe 200.  But there's a bunch of people out here supporting our team because we're all family like Gene Chizik said," says James Sherman.

And while the fans didn't get to talk to the players or shake their hands, James Sherman hopes to someday talk to the man who clinched the title.

"I wanted to see Wes Byrum, my kicker friend from Auburn, he's from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and kicked the game winning field goal last winning. I just wanted to see him and see if I could get his autograph."

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