Alabama Attorney General Loses His Fight In The U.S. Senate

Senate Republicans have lost their third attempt this week to push one of President Bush's judicial nominees through the Senate, with Democrats blocking conservative Alabama Attorney General William Pryor from the U-S Appeals Court.

Pryor could not get the 60 votes needed from the 100-member Senate to win a seat on the Eleventh U-S Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, leading Republicans to immediately denounce the third Democratic filibuster this week. Pryor only got 53 votes in the Senate, which is split with 51 Republicans, 48 Democrats and one independent senator.

The only Democrats to vote for him were Senators Zell Miller of Georgia and Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Democrats say Senator Orrin Hatch, a Republican from Utah, rushed Pryor's confirmation vote before they could finish an investigation into his fund-raising activities for a G-O-P attorneys general group. Democrats also have blocked Texas judge Priscilla Owen and District of Columbia lawyer Miguel Estrada from being confirmed this week.