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Chief Justice Cobb reacts to Justice Lyon's resignation


"Of the many experiences I have had in my almost thirty-year career as a trial and appellate court judge, I consider it one of my greatest privileges to have served alongside Justice Champ Lyons on the Supreme Court of Alabama. Champ Lyons is truly a scholar and a gentleman. Even from his earliest days as a practicing attorney, Champ Lyons has been a true leader of the bench and bar.

At the age of thirty, he was selected to be the Reporter of the committee which promulgated Alabama's Rules of Civil Procedure. He ably served as legal advisor to Governor Fob James during his second term as governor. In 1998, Governor James appointed Champ Lyons to the Supreme Court. Of the many individuals who have served this great State as a justice on the Supreme Court, few have possessed the keen legal intellect of Champ Lyons. His scholarship of the law, his even-keeled demeanor, and his deep abiding concern for his fellow man makes Champ Lyons the epitome of what a judge should be.

"Whatever success I have managed to achieve as Chief Justice, it is due in great part to the unwavering support of Justice Lyons. I have heavily relied on his advice and counsel. It was thus with great sadness that I learned of Justice Lyons' decision to retire. However, I am happy that Champ will be able to enjoy his retirement with his wife, Emilee, and can devote his time to his interests and to the special enjoyment of his grandchildren.

"My sadness at the loss of Champ Lyons as a justice is mitigated by my elation at the news of the appointment of Judge Jim Main to the Supreme Court. I have known Judge Main for many years. After an outstanding career in the practice of law, he chose to begin a life of public service as chief of staff of a governor and as finance director. He has proven himself to be a most capable judge on the Court of Criminal Appeals. I look forward to having Judge Jim Main as a colleague on the Supreme Court of Alabama."

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