Selma celebrates Dr King as Organizations come together to press toward change

Selma, AL- The Freedom Foundation will honor Dr. King's life and work at its 5th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration at the Pickard auditorium. On Sunday, January 16th, at 6 p.m., attendees will gather for an inspiring night of live music, uplifting performances and video presentations in honor of community members who live out Dr. King's dream.

On Monday January 17th, the celebration will continue with a day of community service in partnership with the National Park Service. Participants will meet at Brown Chapel at 9 a.m., then head out to clean the Selma Montgomery Historic Trail.

To cap the weekend, Project Dance, a youth-led initiative which organizers describe as an effort to "strengthen our community and bridge racial barriers" will gather alongside Selma's Stop the Violence to celebrate and press toward the dream. Organizer Kylie Jones says they hope to "embody Dr. King's teachings by turning them into action." Participants will gather at Brown Chapel at noon.

Together, the two groups plan on marching from Brown Chapel to the Songs of Selma Park. After a commemoration at the park, they will continue to march over the Edmund Pettus Bridge and into Memorial Park, where the celebration of Dr. King's dream will continue with the Jai Ho victory dance, performed by people of all ages and races.

In May, 2010, the city denied Project Dance permission to dance on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. When organizers originally approached the city about the dance, the mayor supported the effort for 10 months, only to deny their dream just a week before the scheduled date in May.

Their second attempt, backed by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, was also denied.

Project Dance is excited to partner with Stop the Violence and other organizations this day as the groups come together to impact the community.

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