Seniors Group Supports Governor's Tax Plan

The Governor's tax and accountability package has the support of some of the state's senior residents.

Members of the Silver Haired Legislature made the announcement Friday at the Alabama Statehouse. The group's President Pro Tem, Bill Harrison of Huntsville, says the vote was 64-to-12 in favor of the one-point-two  billion dollar package. Harrison said most of the group backs the proposals because seniors would get to help the state generate revenue while enjoying tax breaks. He says under the proposed plan senior citizens income from IRA and 401k plans will be partially exempt from income taxes. Also seniors 65 and older will benefit from a lower income tax rate and be exempt from paying state property taxes on their homes.

A spokesman for opponents of the plan, Bob Gambacurta, says most seniors will actually pay more taxes because of taxes on repairs, car sales and other parts of the Riley plan. The Silver Haired Legislature is elected by senior citizens and represents each of the state's 105 House districts.