Bentley vows job creation in inaugural address

Several hundred people gather in front of the Capitol steps to hear Governor Bentley speak.
Several hundred people gather in front of the Capitol steps to hear Governor Bentley speak.
Governor and Mrs. Bentley
Governor and Mrs. Bentley

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Alabama's new governor took the oath of office Monday in front of thousands at the State Capitol.

Governor Robert Bentley focused on job creation in his first address as the state's top executive.

"To those Alabamians who've been out of work for months and are discouraged and losing hope" Bentley said. "I want you to know that I will work every day to create new jobs in the private sector."

Bentley also reinforced his pledge to not take a salary until the state's unemployment rate drops to what is considered a manageable level.

"I'm going to direct every state agency to do whatever it can to work with the private sector and create jobs. We're going to have to be very creative in this method."

Alabama's new governor spent time as a member of the Alabama House of Representatives before running for the state's top elected office.

He also implored all elected officers that they work for the people of Alabama.

"We all work for the citizens of this state and we have 4.5 million bosses" Bentley said. "I challenge every elected official to join me in pledging to be a true public servant."

Governor Bob Riley was not in attendance for the festivities.

A spokesman for Riley said, "The Governor did not want to take anything away from Governor Bentley or his wife. It's their day."

Bentley takes over after a wave of GOP support carried them into power after the November 2, 2010 election. For the first time in 136 years Alabama Republicans control the state legislature.

It is also the first time ever that Republicans hold each of the state's Constitutional offices.

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