Peter Crump - Kindergarten

Supplies Needed

A labeled bath towel for rest (no plastic mats, sheets or blankets)

A complete change of clothes

2 boxes of 8 crayons

Friskars soft grip scissors

A bottle of white glue and a glue stick

I regular size pencil to begin school

A labeled book bag or backpack

2 folders with pockets

2 large boxes of tissue

2 bottles of waterless hand sanitizer

Antibacterial liquid soap

2 rolls of paper towels

I box of zip lock bags (quart)

1 box of zip lock bags (gallon)

I package of large paper plates (inexpensive)

PIease write your' child's name on his/her rest towel and any jacket or sweater that he/she wears to school.

Kindergarten students enter and exit the school at the front door nearest Woodley Road (the name of the school is near this door.) If older siblings will pick them up they should meet their outside this door.

Important Dates and Times

August 11,2003            First Day of School       7:50 - 3:00 p.m.

Kindergarten Open House        7:50 - 9:00 a.m.

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