Editorial: Black Belt Recreation

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Job creation is Governor Robert Bentley's top priority.

Governor Riley made tremendous strides in attracting top quality jobs to the state and improving our quality of education was integral to creating those jobs.

But one region continues to trail the rest of the state: The Black Belt.  It encompasses a third of the counties in the state.  For Alabama to truly prosper and improve on national rankings, this region must grow.

The biggest asset in the Black Belt is unquestionably the recreation potential.  The region spans 11 million acres and 23 counties and houses 60 hunting and fishing lodges.  Developing this land for hunting and fishing enthusiasts makes huge sense.

Hunters flock to Arkansas for ducks and the Dakotas for pheasant – why not Alabama for quail?

The Black Belt could be known nationally as an outdoor recreation destination, just as the Robert Trent Jones trails are for golf.

Alabama offers an affordable destination and longer seasons for hunting and fishing.  Nearly 80 billion dollars is spent nationally on recreation.  Alabama should go after some of those billions!