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New governor disbands gambling task force

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Governor Robert Bentley did not waste much time getting to work on his first day in office.

He signed two executive orders Tuesday morning.

The first is an order to disband the Governor's Task Force on Illegal Gambling formed in 2008 by then-Governor Bob Riley. The second order was for all state agencies to issue a report in 120 days on ways they could create more private sector jobs.

"I made promises during the campaign," Bentley said in regard to getting rid of the task force. "When you make promises you have to honor them and I'm honoring this promise."

The task force was originally designed to crack down on illegal bingo operations in Alabama.

Recently sworn-in Attorney General Luther Strange issued a statement saying that his office will take over the duties of enforcing gambling laws.

According to the statement, "The Governor's Task Force is no longer necessary because Attorney General Strange, in conjunction with other executive branch officials, will enforce Alabama's gambling laws as they are written and in strict accordance with the decisions of the Alabama Supreme Court."

On gambling, Bentley said like any law, if an activity is illegal, then no one should be taking part in it in Alabama.

"If it's against the law to gamble then I think he should do something about. And if it's not against the law then go ahead and gamble" Bentley said.

On the other directive from Governor Bentley, he pledged during his inauguration speech that the new focus of every state agency would be to create jobs.

Now he has required those agencies to move forward with specific ideas to spur job growth in Alabama.

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